Hanky Exhibition

Hanky Exhibition

We are curating an exhibition of artist-designed hand-printed bandanas by queer artists exploring the theme of queer ecologies. If you are interested in participating, please send a brief paragraph elaborating on the theme and the imagery you’d like to channel. Please also send 1-3 images of past related work. You do not need to be a screen printer or printmaker to participate. Selected artists may print their own designs, or the curating team (Vanessa Adams and Mary Tremonte) can print designs as well (see details below). Please indicate in your email if you might be interested in this option. Send information and images to hankyexhibit@gmail.com by August 1st at midnight. We may not be able to include all applicants in the exhibition, but regardless we will notify all applicants on August 7th.

Queer Ecology and Hanky Code
In his Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, Bruce Bagemihl maps out a queer paradigm for viewing and interpreting homosexual and homosocial behavior in mammals and birds, one that draws upon emergence, adaptation, and the strength of difference. Peter McCoy’s Radical Mycology: A Treatise On Seeing & Working With Fungi, explores the interdependence of mushrooms, mycelium, and other living beings to build sustainability and resilience. In recent years, queers of all genders and proclivities have expanded the definitions of the original gay hanky code to include different bodies, identities and activities. We love designing, printing, and distributing bandanas as wearable artwork, and a means to continue a queer communication of flagging, of finding affinity with plant, animals, mycelia and each other. In this spirit, we welcome bandana designs on the theme of queer ecologies.

Here are some other project details and deadlines:
We are planning two (or more) exhibitions. The first one will take place in Minneapolis. Hankies will be on display at The Future mid October, and at The White Page Gallery on the 25th of October through the end of the month. We are also planning an exhibition in Pittsburgh, PA in February 2020.

Artists who would like to print their own hankies: please send us a print edition of 20-40, 22” x 22” (standard bandana size) hankies to us in Pittsburgh, PA by October 1st. While the “base” of all hankies is printed, artists should feel free to modify or embellish their editions with hand-dying / embroidery /etc.

Artists who would like us to print their hankies: please email us a high resolution (300 dpi) black and white file (.tiff, .psd, or high quality .pdf) of their design by September 1st. If you have questions about how to prepare a file for screen printing, we can send you resources.

Hanky Sales:
For artist printed hankies sold during the exhibitions, we will do a 25% / 75% split. The 25% will help us mail the hankies back to artists after the exhibitions, and will offset gallery costs. For artists who would like their hankies printed by Mary and Vanessa, we will do a 50%/50% split of gallery sales to offset our printing labor, and will ask artists to cover material costs ($80 for 24 hankies, ink, and emulsion) upfront before printing.

Aritsts can expect to get their hankies back after the completion of the February 2020 exhibition. We will keep one hanky as an exhibition copy.

Artists can set their own pricing for hankies, but we recommend a base price of $15-$20 for single color printed hankies without embellishment