PERSONAL WORK > three plants for heartache and grief

This print features a bundle of Rose, Mimosa, and Hawthorn, three plants used medicinally for treating heartache and grief. These plants combined are powerful formula I first read about in Janet Kent's zine Herbs for Mental Health, and I have come back to these plants often. I began this print after heartache from romantic loss and grief from the endless local and national injustices felt like too much to handle. Connecting to these plants felt like a reminder of possibility.

Three Plants for Heartache and Grief: Rose, Mimosa, and Heartache
three plants for heartache and grief, 2
18 x 18

In this new color version, I silkcreened these prints in four colors--light lavendary pink, silvery grey, warm red, and a rich deep plum. After screenprinting, I melt beeswax into each print so they have a soft, velvety surface and the paper becomes more transparent and golden. Because of the waxing and printing process, each print has subtle variations and small particularities which gives each print a unique character--please expect some minor variations from the print pictured.

Each print is 18" x 18 "