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2019 lunar calendar silkscreen moon phase chart
2019 Lunar Calendar
20 x 20

////// 2019 Lunar Calendar //////

This lunar calendar showcases the full moons and new moons for each month and the astrological sign of each lunar phase. There is also a small chart of important astronomical events--eclipses, meteor showers, and solstices!

Inspired by alchemical drawings, vintage star charts, and magical texts, this moon phase calendar was drawn entirely by hand by Vanessa Adams. The full moon radiates from the center of the poster, surrounded by orbiting full and new moons, and the twelve constellations of the zodiac. There are two ways to use the calendar to follow the progress of the moon. In the bottom left corner, the full moons and new moons are listed with their dates and accompanying astrological signs. Additionally, you can also read the lunar phase information directly from the central design. In the center of the poster, the full moons (big golden circles) and new moons (black circles with golden rims) orbit around the drawing of the full moon. Each full moon and new moon's date is listed in the center of its circle (in numerical month / date format). These dates can be read like numbers on the clock--beginning at "noon"and progressing clockwise throughout the year.

This calendar is designed, drawn, and printed with care and intention, and will look beautiful far past 2019. It is screen printed in black and gold screen printing ink on light silvery white metallic paper that has a subtle shimmer. It was screen printed in collaboration with the incredibly meticulous and talented Jesse Purcell of Repetitive Press IG: @repetitive_press.