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fungicopia silkscreen book exploring edible fungi
silkscreen book

Fungicopia is a screen printed accordion fold artist book I've been working on for the past year and a half. After drawing indigenous plants for a project, I found I could identify the species readily in the woods' undergrowth. Drawing was a pathway to learning, understanding, and identifying. I put this idea into practice with Fungicopia, making careful studies and observations of five edible fungi.

I printed the first small edition in the fall of 2017. I made a few minor changes to some text, and printed this second variation in the Spring of 2018, with an edition of 50. The second variation of Fungicopia is 3 feet long and two sided, and both sides are screenprinted by hand. Each side is screenprinted in three colors--the lightest golden cream, rich gold, and a subtly metallic black. The front side of Fungicopia features drawings of the fungi I studied--morels, chanterelles, chicken of the woods, maitake, and oyster mushrooms--as well as key details I noted--such as the time of year I found them, telltale smells, and special plants that grow nearby. The back side of Fungiocopia features my observations about how to find mushrooms, ideas about how to learn about mushrooms safely, and resources I've found useful for study and learning. These words are intermixed among a drawing of mycelium--the branching body of fungi that grows underground.

Folded up the book is 6 inches long by 4.25 inches high, and unfolded the book is 3 feet long by 4.25 inches high. Fungicopia is intended to work as a book and an art piece, and can be stored folded or spread out open on a mantlepiece or shelf.

I studied and drew these mushrooms in Pittsburgh, PA and so the seasons they're associated with and the months I recorded finding them are specific to the North East / Central Appalachia / Midwest regions. This means if you want to enjoy the book elsewhere you can still appreciate the book, but will need to look up the species and find out what time of year they grow near you.

Sliding scale $30 - $40 with $3 shipping in US to purchase, https://vanessaadams.bigcartel.com/

If you would like a copy and live elsewhere just send me a message. Also feel free to get in touch with questions.