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fungicopia mini mushroom zine exploring edible fungi
fungicopia minimushroom zine
photocopy zine

This is a TINY mushroom zine! Its fits in the palm of your hand. It is a precursor to the larger hand printed artist book Fungicopia, which I made in the fall of 2017. This mini zine features drawings, observations, and notes about five edible fungi.

I created this zine to learn more about edible fungi. After drawing indigenous plants for a project, I found I could identify the species readily in the woods' undergrowth. Drawing was a pathway to learning, understanding, and identifying. I put this idea into practice with Fungicopia, making careful studies and observations of five edible fungi.

Folded up this zine is 4 inches by 3 inches, and unfolded it is 16 inches long. The front of the zine features drawings of Morels, Chanterelles, and Chicken of the Woods, along with an explanation of the project. The back side features drawings of Hen of the Woods, Oyster Mushrooms and some text about picking mushrooms to eat.

This zine is photocopied in black and white onto cream cardstock. They are cut and folded by hand and so each zine does have its own minor variations. This will be mailed in a regular envelope.

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