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Other Worlds is a zine of queer visions of the future. Galaxy page (left) by Vanessa Adams, and image (right by E Henderson)
Other Worlds
photocopy on silver paper

Other Worlds is a zine of queer visions of the future. These visions are utopian and dystopian, exploring mystic realities, dream worlds, and future worlds that look something like our own. Other Worlds Zine investigates possibility using comics, drawings, and text by queer artists.

This first issue features black and white artwork by Ashley Teamer, E. Henderson, Jänke Seltsam, Jenifer Cooney, Katie Brutal, Jett Fatplastic, Ruth Ex, Maybe J. Sadeghi , Skip Heatwave, and Vanessa Adams. Other Worlds is organized, printed, and designed by me (Vanessa Adams).

Other Worlds is photocopied on lustrous silver paper, and a includes a fancy pull out insert. This can be removed and used as a poster, kept in the zine, or taken out, trimmed, and folded into a mini queer futures fortune teller!

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