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Other Worlds features artwork by Katie Brutal, M. Chandelier, Jenifer Cooney, Skip Heatwave, E. Henderson, Lindsey Jett, Maybe J. Sadeghi, Jänke Seltsam, Ashley Teamer, and Vanessa Adams. I organized, designed, and printed it.

I organized this zine in order to look at expansive utopian / dystopian queer and trans narratives about what’s possible, whether that’s in dream worlds, mystic realities, or future worlds that look like something like our own. Queer artwork that moves beyond mainstream gay narratives about the future—beyond assimilation, marriage, and the family.

The zine is photocopied, with a silkscreen cover and a screen printed insert which can be pulled out and used as a poster, or trimmed and folded into a mini queer futures fortune teller.

queer and trans zine, outer space zine, gay sci fi zine
Other Worlds: A Zine of Queer and Trans Possibilities (detail)
xerox on paper